Therapy Isn’t A Dirty Word

 {& counseling is not a crime!}

Free Tools and Resources for Your Best Life & Relationships

Why can’t I just fix this on my own?
Will I be comfortable talking to a stranger?
Will it really work?

Starting something new when life is already challenging us is scary.  We know that and respect the courage that you have already shown just by asking these questions.


As hard as the next step might be… we know that you are worth it.  Your relationships, your family, & your HAPPINESS are worth the effort that it takes to step out there and get the help you need- whether it’s in therapy, a class, or by working with one of our coaches.


Choose a topic below for free resources to help you get started or read on to find out more about our philosophy.
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[/column-third-2] [column-third-3]Tools and Resources for Kids, Teens, and Parents

The GTA Vision of Mental Health…

Have you ever wondered if therapy or coaching really worked?

Maybe you just wished that there was someone to call with your questions about love, career, parenting, or life in general.

These are the questions that we’re here to help with.

After years of working in traditional counseling environments though out Northern Virginia, and seeing our clients’ need for something different, we decided it was time to offer a fresh approach to emotional health.

So we began a creative journey to develop a wide range of mental health and personal growth services to help each person find their own unique path to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

While our services are varied, each is designed to help you live a life that you love and is based on our three core values:

Compassion:  the cornerstone of good mental health care is not only to acknowledge and understand the suffering of our clients, no matter how simple or complex their circumstance; but also to work together to find a way to help. We strongly believe in honoring a person’s unique struggle and offer personalized counseling services in a safe environment.

Competency:  more than simply having credentials behind their names, our therapists are truly experts in their field. Through continuing education, years of experience, and a core belief that good therapy starts with knowing your client first, GTA therapists give our clients the best mental health care possible.

Creativity:  real therapy comes in many different forms- group or individual counseling, classes, coaching, and even live events or retreats. We believe that the best therapy is the one that fits your life and personality best. That’s why we are always developing new and innovative services that are designed to meet your needs.

Ready for more? Check out our free e-books and mini-courses.

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Have you ever wished that there was someone to call with your questions about love, career, parenting, or life in general?

These are the questions that we’re here to help with.


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