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What is Sidewalk Talk?

Sidewalk Talk - A Community Listening Project

Sidewalk Talk is a free community listening project – it’ s a chance to give our community an opportunity to be heard, to be seen, and to share what’s on their mind and in their hearts without judgement or expectation.

It’s gift.

One we are extremely excited to bring to the DC area. Sidewalk Talk started with 2 therapists, Traci Ruble and Lily Sloane in San Francisco who wanted to bring the fine art of listening (and the positive impact it can have) to the streets of their community.  What happened next is what always happens when good intentions and good ideas collide- people got excited!

Sidewalk Talk SF grew and people, like our CEO, Esther Boykin, got really interested in bringing these listening events to their communities as well. Fast Forward to today and we are excited to serve as city coordinator for the DC area.  Sidewalk Talk is a non-profit entity that aims to give everyone a listening ear and an authentic exchange. And now you can have us listen to you out on the streets and sidewalks for DC and Northern Virginia!

I want to be a listener, what do I have to do?

In a busy and stressful world, the power of authentic listening can be life-changing.  We are so grateful for your desire to volunteer to provide that opportunity.  To become a listener is easy and will transform you and those you listen to.  Someone is waiting to be heard by you. SidewalkTalkDC -a free listening project - You Talk. We Listen.

I want to support listeners and talkers, how can I get involved?

Whether you are just one person, a group of friends, a community organization, or a business- Sidewalk Talk DC needs your support behind the scenes just as much as we do on the sidewalks.  Click the button to learn more about how your donation can help us bring more listening to our community.SidewalkTalkDC -a free listening project - You Talk. We Listen.

Where can I find a Sidewalk Talk DC listening location?

Below is our current schedule of listening locations across the country.  To find a location in the DC metro area simply enter DC in the search box

Check our Facebook page and join our email list to be sure you get the latest updates on our upcoming Listening Events.

Have more questions or comments?  Contact us here.  

Want to learn more about where it all started?  Visit Sidewalk Talk USA.

Sidewalk Talk DC Gallery

Sidewalk Talk DC - Mosaic District Fairfax

sidewalk talk-2 to have your photos included be sure to use the hashtags of #SideWalkTalkDC | #ConversationsOffTheCouch | #SidewalkTalk

Sidewalk Talk DC Location Coordinators

Brooke Bralove, LCSW-C ~ MarylandBrooke Bralove, LCSW-C | Maryland Area Location Leader - Sidewalk Talk DC

Rita Goodroe – Northern Virginia

Sidewalk Talk DC Area Local Sponsors

2016 Group Therapy Associates Northern Virginia Therapy

Bliss magazine supports Sidewalk Talk DC
Tira Strategies is a Sidewalk Talk Listening Event Sponsor
CustomInk supports Sidewalk Talk DC

People are talking about SidewalkTalk

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DC Metro Area Press Contact: Esther Boykin 703-644-8041 or esther[at]
Founder & Global Press Contact: Traci Ruble 415-520-5567 x1 or traci[at]

Learn more about Sidewalk Talk USA & the 2017 Sidewalk Talk Bus Tour


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