Payment Options for Psychotherapy

Payment is due at the time of service and future appointments may be postponed if you have an unpaid balance that exceeds $200.

This applies to both self-pay and insured clients.


Our therapists participate with most Aetna*, Anthem/ BCBS, Anthem Healthkeepers, CareFirst, and Magellan insurance plans.  Please be sure to verify your benefits prior to your first appointment to inquire about your copay, co-insurance, and/or deductibles that may apply.  You may call our office with assistance in verifying benefits for in and out of network services.

{*Not all therapists on staff participate with all insurance plans; our intake coordinator will help match you with the best therapist for your personal & financial needs.}



We accept cash, check, American Express, Visa, and Mastercard (including FSA/HSA debit cards) for services.
For those clients who prefer not to use insurance or whose plans we are not preferred providers of, we are happy to provide a monthly statement.  You can use this monthly statement to submit to your insurance, health savings or flex spending account for reimbursement.

Standard Session Rates

$150 55min session
$185 75 min session

Pre-Paid Packages

4 sessions $130/sessions ($520)
6 sessions $115/ session ($690)
10 sessions $95/session ($950)


**the above packages are based on 55 min sessions- 75 min sessions are charged at 1.25 the 55 min rate**


“The Fine Print” about Pre-Paid Packages

We try to keep it simple, but for good, well-thought out reasons we had to establish a few rules:

  • Intake session are required.  The intake is an in-depth assessment of current functioning/clinical assessment, signing of paperwork, etc. and gives your therapist the information needed to assist you in choosing an appropriate number of sessions to get started.

We want all of our clients to get what’s best for them and for that reason, pre-paid packages can not be purchased until you have had an intake session. Your intake session fee is $150 and can be applied to the cost of a pre-paid package if you choose purchase one.


  • Pre-Paid sessions are non-refundable. Please take this into consideration when choosing your plan. Our average client will work with us for approximately 12-16 sessions, however many will stay longer and some will need fewer sessions.

We strongly encourage you to talk with your therapist about the best plan for you- our #1 goal is creating a treatment and payment plan that best addresses your needs.  If you are unsure, you can start by purchasing a 4 session package and upgrade before using up all the pre-paid sessions for additional savings.


  • Payment for packages is to be made prior to all appointments. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have paid your plan in full in order for the discounted rate to be applied to your scheduled therapy sessions.  Pre-paid package payment is required prior to all scheduled appointments or at the time of service.


  • Using pre-paid sessions for multiple clients. Parents and couples , this is for you!  If you and your spouse or child(ren) are receiving services at Group Therapy Associates, you are free to use the pre-paid sessions to pay for all of your family’s sessions- even across multiple therapists .  You buy the sessions, you get to decide how to use them.


  • Changing Pre-Paid session plans.  You are free to upgrade your Pre-paid plans as long as you have at least one un-used session remaining.  When you do this, we will calculate your new discounted rate based on the total number of sessions you’ve purchased so far. This new discount rate will apply to all of your future appointments.

For example, if you pay for 4 sessions initially at $125 and decide during your 3rd session to upgrade to an 8 session package, sessions 3-8 will be billed at the lower 8 sessions package rate of $100.  Don’t worry, our billing staff is on hand to answer questions and do the math!

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