What’s the right service for me?

Group or Individual setting? Therapy, Coaching, or Class?

Sometimes these decisions can seem overwhelming but we are here to help simplify the process.

One of the easiest ways to determine which service is right for you is to schedule an initial consultation appointment with one of our therapists or coaches.  During your session, they will listen and ask questions to better understand the specific issues that led you to consider therapy, coaching, or a class before making some suggestions about what to do next.

Simply call our office or schedule your appointment online, and we will help you make an informed decision about what may be the best next step for you.

Which approach fits you best?

When considering our services, our clients have three main options- counseling (or therapy), coaching, or a a class. While these there are core similarities within all of our services, there are some differences to consider.

Therapy is designed to help you explore and heal the emotional and psychological reasons that prevent you from achieving your goals, as well as provide tools to effective deal with common challenges such as anxiety, sadness, and stress.

It offers a more in-depth, comprehensive look at every aspect of your life with a focus on improving your emotional well-being and helping you create healthy relationships and a healthy self-image.  Answers to common questions about therapy can be found in our Therapy FAQs.

In contrast, our various coaching & learning services are solely focused on developing and implementing a strategic plan for successful change in a specific area of your life.

If we think of therapy as a “physical therapist” for your emotions- helping you heal injuries and pain- then coaching is like an elite personal trainer- helping you strengthen your emotional & social muscles and reaching specific goals and class is like going to Zumba  where you can share with others while refining basic skills.

One of the benefits of coaching is flexibility. Because it’s not bound by some of the same healthcare guidelines as therapy, these services can be offered in non-traditional settings like your office or the local coffee shop.  Details about our custom coaching services can be found in our Coaching FAQs.

Another option which offers flexibility is our class series.  We offer classes and retreats covering a range of topics giving you and your family the opportunity to benefit from the interpersonal connection of a group without the weekly commitment.  More information about our classes can be found in our Class FAQs.


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