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Group Therapy Associates is a finalist for Posh Seven’s annual “Best of Suburbia” survey for mental health! All of us at Group Therapy Associates are humbled and would like to thank all of you for nominating us! If you haven’t already, please go and vote us #1 for 2014.

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You can win $100 Visa gift card from Posh Seven just for voting!

We would greatly appreciate your vote! You don’t have to select a winner for each category if you don’t want to. Our category is #50 on page 5 of the survey!


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What do you do for “me time?” {Tuesday Topics}

07.08.14I have a confession….I have a never ending to do list. I’ve always been what my parents would call a “busy body”. Really, it’s not a bad thing because prioritizing has become my best friend. However, my to do list only becomes a problem when I let it define me. I find that I have to check myself when I feel on top of the world one day and then down the next all because I have or have not completed all that I’ve wanted to accomplish. Recently, I’ve discovered the joy of chucking my to do list for a few hours during my “me time”. This past summer, I’ve rediscovered one of my favorite activities, Zumba!

I welcome the opportunity to let my hair down, exercise, and just have fun. But I’ve found the best joy comes from stepping away and forgetting about the next thing on my agenda for an hour or so. What about you? Have you taken some “me time” this summer? Do you make the time to step away from your to do list?

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DC Outdoor Movies

A new Friday tradition starts now-

By far one of my favorite things about summer is outdoor movies! They are everything I love about the summer time- warm evenings, fresh grass, popcorn, and classic films.  And they’re the perfect evening activity for everyone from single friends, to snuggly lovebirds, to happy kids and parents.


In fact I love them so much that they’ve inspired a new Friday tradition on our Facebook page-

Friday Films with GTA!

Starting tomorrow, every Friday we will post a short video for you to kick off the weekend.  Sometimes funny, sometimes informative, but always on film!


Subscribe to our YouTube channel and later tonight you can catch a sneak peak at this week’s video from your truly on what else… date night!!


Don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook and Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on all the fun.


Have you given up on your dreams? {Tuesday Topics}

07.01.14.TuesdayTopicsWe all have dreams and ambitions; places we desire to travel to, career moves we’ve always wanted to make, personal aspirations that we long to one day realize. It’s so tempting to look at where we are in life and think that our daily routine will always be the same and that we will never reach our goals. Well, today, I dare you to challenge those thoughts and dare to dream again. In fact, I even challenge you to dream bigger. I believe that we have all been placed on this earth for a reason, and those dreams inside of us are not there on accident. Sure, life happens, but refuse to linger in mediocrity. Your dreams are there to propel you to a whole new level. So, what dreams have you left on the back burner? What dreams have you left behind?

Anxious? Here’s what it’s doing to your body…

One of the most common concerns in our office (and among my friends and family too!) is anxiety.  According to NIMH, nearly 40 million of us have an anxiety disorder and that doesn’t account for the millions of others who don’t meet the criteria for an official diagnosis but still struggle with anxiety symptoms.


Anxiety is a tricky thing… a little bit can help us avoid danger and be careful in life but when the scales tip just slightly it can become a debilitating and uncomfortable experience.  And it’s effects are much more than just emotional.  Check out this awesome infographic from Huffington Post outlining the multitude of physical effects that come from anxiety.

Looking for some simple steps to reduce anxiety in your life?

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WineStyles_Book Signing

Kick off the last weekend of June with a wine & sign event

Join Esther Boykin, LMFT and other local authors for a special wine tasting and book signing event Thursday, June 26.  This is the perfect opportunity to up your date night game and treat your special someone to a fun and informative evening.


Esther will be on hand to help you find the joy and benefit of creative date nights.  Bring your copy of The Date Deck, or get one at the event next Thursday night.  And local author, Jim Phillips, will also be on hand to sign and discuss his book, The Key to Life.


Want to learn more about Esther’s book, The Date Deck?  Click here to read reviews or check out the video below to hear Esther talk more about her motivation for writing.


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