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5 Apps You Need in Your Life Right Now

I really enjoy reading self-help books. I think that everyone can get a lot out of making themselves a better person and become happier, healthier people. But with people being so busy on the go, carrying around a stack of books isn’t very ideal. That is why I have compiled a list of fantastic resources that you can use on your phone, laptop, or computer with just the hit of a button.

5 apps you need now




  1. Balanced-This is a fantastic app that encourages you to accomplish all of your goals in one easy to access place…your cell phone. Whether you want to go to the gym, take a photo of the beautiful day outside, or say thank you to someone for being a great friend, this app is there every step of the way to make sure you get the most out of life. I started using it the other day and it feels really great to check off things I would like to accomplish and it feels even better having someone acknowledge the hard work you’re doing. Anna, a balanced user had this to say, “Using balanced is like having a little person in my phone that acknowledges what I’m doing-A little record, witnessing and encouraging.” So pick up your phone and start getting the most out of life!

To download the app, click here!




headspace2. Headspace-So you work out your body several times a week, well why not your brain? This app is great for helping you to practice mindfulness and it helped me in particular relax and relieve a lot of stress I have built up. The app begins by having you listen to several videos that had you focus your mind and continues day by day by having you rethinking how you view stress and teaching you how to calm yourself down. I learned a lot from this app and by watching the videos, I have been able to keep my cool a lot better, focus more when need be, and get a lot more sleep.

To download this app, click here!




smiling mind 3. Smiling Mind-Similar to headspace, smiling mind’s focus is a free app that focuses on meditation and rewiring the brain when it comes to how people deal with stress and other life issues. Smiling mind was designed mainly to aid younger people, but anyone can use it. Once you download the app, you will be able to access a whole list of exercises and medication techniques that are designed to help you practice mindfulness and become a happier person. I particularly like the fact that this app focused on keeping an open mind and practicing a non-judgmental attitude because these are areas I can really improve in and make me feel better every day!

To download this app, click here!



optimism4. Optimism-If you are looking for a self-help guide, then this app is for you! Optimism is another great, free app that allows you to monitor your mood daily in order to look for any signs that your health may be decreasing. If it is apparent that you may have a mental health issue, this site helps you create a wellness plan geared towards the illness you may possess-great for those with depression, bipolar disorder, etc. From there, the site helps you gain a better understanding about the illness and work with you to return you to the healthy, happy person you are. I really liked this app because it showed me areas that I can really work on to improve myself and make me get more out of life than I have before.
To download this app, click here!


toxic thinking5. Toxic Thinking-This is another fantastic app that helps you rewire your negative self-talk and improve your thoughts to become a healthier, happier you. Through toxic thinking, you can select a mental illness and learn all about the symptoms associated with it and see what you can do to work on to improve yourself. I was able to see where my self-talk needs improvement and how I can change my thinking to strengthen my outlook on life. This app was my personal favorite because it does an excellent job showing you planned out steps that you can practice every day to become a better person.

To download this app, click here!


These resources can be very helpful and change your life. So pick up your phone and download the apps! Comment below and let us know if you have any other fantastic sites that have helped you.

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Imposter Syndrome

Do you suffer from Impostor Syndrome?

I think it is safe to say that success in life is a top goal for all of us. We want to look back at our lives when we are old and think to ourselves “I did a good job.” We want to be proud of what we have accomplished. Many of us are able to see when we have succeeded and when we shine.


Others, unfortunately, do not.


They may be at a top position in a company or hold several prestigious titles, but they may feel that they do not truly deserve what they have. They feel like they are fakes, or impostors. They feel like they might get “caught” or “found out.”


Do you feel this way about yourself? Check out this interesting Forbes article. You are not alone!


Self-doubt is a normal feeling, but one that should not take over your life. Sometimes it is really easy to feel like you are not good enough, but when those thoughts float into your head, take a deep breath and reflect. Look at the various things you have done and what you have achieved. You didn’t get to this point by simple luck, you’ve worked hard and deserve the success you’ve gotten in life!


imposter syndrome quote

The article I mentioned earlier lists really helpful tips for overcoming Impostor Syndrome:

  1. Do not worry about being perfect; focus on your strengths and what you can bring the the table
  2. Do not think that you got to where you are purely on luck; believe in your hard work
  3. Do not compare yourself against others
  4. Do not be afraid of taking chances and putting yourself out there; ambition can lead to further successes


Self-love and really believing in yourself can help rid the mindset that comes with Impostor Syndrome. If you can trust in your talents and strengths, the feeling of being inadequate will go away. You have to believe that you got to where you are for a reason. You have to believe that you are doing something right. Do not let those little demon thoughts eat away at you. Remember that you built a solid life for yourself, and it came from hard work, not lucky chances.


Want to know more about Imposter Syndrome and how to keep it from dulling your sparkle in the workplace or at school?  Check out the video below

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Answers to Teen Questions

Helping teens find answers to their most important questions

One of the things we are often asked about is where to find quality resources for adolescents and teens on health and wellness.  As they spend more and more time talking to peers, and less time talking to parents, adolescence is a time when it really matters.  So here are a few online resources to help teens, and the adults who care about them, find answers to the questions that matter most. This website is from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and is really a great place for tween girls.  With information on healthy eating, body image, friendship advice, dating, and more, it’s the kind of site you can happily let your daughter explore on her own.  I only wish they offered a boys health companion site.  So often, the boys in this age group get overlooked.

TeensHealth- Another website from HHS, this site is geared toward the older teens (high school-aged).  Similar in content to the GirlsHealth. gov, it does have a sexual health component and an “Ask the Expert” section as well.  If you have (or work with) younger kids, be sure to check out too.

TeenHealth FX- This is a pretty informative site from Atlantic Health’s Community Health Education and the Adolescent/Young Adult Center for Health at Goryeb Children’s Hospital in New Jersey.  This site is chock-full of great information and content developed by teenagers.  There are some cheesy lists, but overall, I think it is laid out in a way that is informative and accessible without being too juvenile.  It also offers an “Ask the Expert” section, and it addresses serious mental health concerns such as depression & suicide, cutting, and dating violence with candor and thoughtfulness.  It’s a really excellent site for teens, parents, educators, and clinicians.  And they have links to other useful resources.

We’re Talking and We’re Talking Too- These sites are from the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and offer another source of good information.  The teen site (We’re Talking) is divided into 3 main categories: general health, emotional health, and sexual health, all of which offer reliable information as best as I can tell.  There’s even an article on piercings and tattoos (great way to scare your kid away from the belly ring!) The pre-teen site (We’re Talking Too) is a little more juvenile in its design which might turn some of the 11-12 year olds, but it still has good information. If you get your 9 or 10 year old understanding that there are quality resources on the web with health information, then by the time they reach puberty ,they’ll know how to distinguish good information from urban legend and fake science.

loveisrespect- This site is on dating and relationship basics. It is not geared toward teens specifically, but it has very useful information for teens to know about dating. It has sections that talk about abuse and whether or not your relationship is healthy. There is a Live Chat option for those in crisis, as well as call & text support options. The site is overall about mutual respect in relationships.

Adolescent Wellness, Inc.- This website is a blog that is an overview on how to help adolescents deal with stressful situations and to aid them from falling into depression and anxiety.


while we make every effort to review the information on the resources we share, please know that these are independent organizations with a vast amount of information that we simply can’t review it all.  We are in no way affiliated with or responsible for their content.

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is superwoman syndrome making you sick

Is Superwoman Syndrome Making You Sick?

I am close and personal friends with a superhero; Superwoman to be exact.  She is one of my dearest friends and I am proud to say that she often blesses me with an ‘s’ of my own when I manage to do the impossible.  Admit it, you know her too.


She’s the neighbor who manages to have the impeccable yard, throw the perfect dinner party, and stay involved with all six of her kids.


Or the single woman climbing the ranks at her prestigious career while making time to support her friends, take care of her ailing parents, and look fabulous while she does it all.


superwoman syndrome-pinI have to confess that it’s kind of exhilarating to have earned superhero status; there is an adrenalin rush that comes with completing the seemingly impossible.


Let’s be honest; everyone wants to be Superwoman (or Superman) at some time or another.


The drive and perseverance that comes with doing what other people believe they can’t is an impressive quality.  It is something to be proud of and a characteristic that helps many of us achieve things that at one time seemed inconceivable.  But just as in the comic books, there are some very really dangers to being Superwoman.
Often referred to Superwoman Syndrome, many women are subjecting themselves to overwhelming schedules and unreasonable expectations in an effort to live up to some kind of perfectionist standard of womanhood.  While the desire to be our best is not inherently bad, it has many women pushing themselves beyond the brink to be the best in every area of their lives.


As someone who has aspired at one time or another to attain Superwoman status myself, I understand the pressure to meet and exceed this ideal of perfectionism.  Women today, married or single, mothers or childless, are faced with pervasive and often conflicting messages about what it means to be a “good woman”.


For many it’s the desire to meet these ideals that fuels the Superwoman Syndrome.
Whether it is a desire to be a “good” mom by baking 5 dozen cupcakes and showing up for story time each week or the need to be a “good” worker by staying late and taking on other people’s projects; women are stretching themselves thin with some potentially devastating consequences.  The physical and emotional stress of pushing yourself beyond reason can have some serious repercussions on your health.


Sleep deprivation is often a badge of honor among us superwomen, unfortunately the results to our bodies is much more than just needing an extra cup of coffee in the morning.  Lack of sleep can diminish your ability to focus, slow reaction time, and even contribute to weight gain.  Superwoman stress can also contribute to headaches, stomachaches, irritability, mood swings, and even anxiety.


These physical and emotional responses can be avoided by changing the definition of “superwoman”.


I believe that most women embrace this superhero attitude because we understand our potential to shape and nurture our families and communities.


We have a deep desire to use our influence for good.


We want to support our children and encourage our spouses.


We want to shape communities and corporations for the better and so women push hard…. we lean in.


But I want to challenge each of us to begin to not only support others health and happiness but invest in our own as well.  Rather than accepting the current image of superwomen as those willing to be self-sacrificing to the point of exhaustion, let’s start to model a new image that promotes an image of balance and self-care.


Instead of patting yourself on the back when you’ve pushed yourself to meet another unreasonable request; practice setting clear boundaries and making time for better self-care.  Teach the people around you that the real key to a better life is learning to care for yourself as much as you care for others.


It’s possible to achieve amazing things without burning yourself out.


The same determination that once allowed you to work 80 hours a week and still show up for your family and friends, can be applied to things like self care, having fun, and connecting with people you care about.  By turning our superwoman skills inward, women have the opportunity to be the best kind of superhero- a healthy one.

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have cake love ur body

4 Ways To Have Your Cake and Love Your Body Too!

Most of us have had these thoughts before…Will I look good in this? Am I too fat for this dress? Do I have to go out in this bathing suit?


I know for me after the long winter months indoors I tend to gain weight and loath the idea of showing skin in the spring. I often feel very insecure and want to hide myself in my room so I don’t have to confront my feelings about my body.


I’m not the only one who feels this way…


“According to an estimate from the National Eating Disorders Association, 80 percent of women in the U.S. are unhappy with the way their bodies look.”


These negative thoughts cause women of all ages to take extreme measures to change the way their bodies look. Many resort to anorexia or bulimia to solve their issues.


What I find myself asking is if so many women are concerned with how their bodies look, what can we do to feel confident and sexy in our own skin?


Here are some helpful tips that I feel every woman needs to remember to start loving your body!


have cake love ur body2

It is completely natural to want to look at how others look or act and compare yourself to them. While this sometimes helps people feel better about themselves, there is always someone who might be thinner than you or look prettier than you which leads to negative thoughts about yourself. Instead of making comparisons, focus on what you are doing right for your body. Instead of saying, “why can’t I be skinnier,” say, “look at all the healthy things I’ve done for my body!”



have cake love ur body3

If you’re like me, you think after a week of eating healthy and a couple of good workouts that you will be looking fit and ready to go. FALSE. Give yourself the time it takes to make changes.  Don’t just change your body, build yourself up on the inside for the good things you are working on and stay away from the negative.  And be sure to have realistic expectations of what a “beautiful” body looks like- forget the photoshopped magazine images and remember that the most beautiful images are real women that look just like you do right now!



have cake love ur body4

The scale won’t change much in a day! Checking your weight over and over only builds up those negative vibes that won’t make you feel good about yourself. So, just focus on being healthy and living life to the fullest. Losing weight or having slimmer figure is a fine goal but it’s not the most important thing… get out there and enjoy every amazing second of your life, no matter what your size.



have cake love ur body5

Nothing makes you look better than feeling confident! And what fuels confidence? Looking good! Dress your nicest while you diet and work out. You won’t believe how amazing you’ll feel rocking what you were born with. And don’t forget to build yourself up and compliment yourself!  Positive self-talk is proven to increase your motivation to be healthier and more fit.


Check this out for more tips and one sure fire strategy to really change your body. Do you have other tips for how to love  your body and build confidence? Comment below!

Dwelling In Possibility2

Dwelling in Possibility


Dwelling in PossibilityAs you may know, March is Women’s History Month.  In recognition, we at Group Therapy Associates are celebrating how women cope with and overcome various hardships to lead healthy, fulfilling, productive lives.

In this post, I highlight Elyn Saks, an accomplished law professor at the University of Southern California Gould Law School and expert in the field of mental health law.  Saks has also been diagnosed with schizophrenia and has lived with the illness for most of her life.  In her book, The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness, Saks details her struggles with the disorder.

To provide a bit of context, schizophrenia is characterized by disordered thinking, delusions and auditory and/or visual hallucinations.  Symptoms typically appear when a person is in their late teens or early twenties, although earlier or later appearance of symptoms is possible. One of most difficult mental health disorders to manage, it can be hard for persons with the illness to achieve full functionality (i.e. able to work, maintain independent living, etc.), particularly without medication.

In The Center Cannot Hold, Saks discusses how her illness has repeatedly disrupted her life. Particularly while earning her graduate and law degrees, the symptoms of her disorder resulted in multiple hospitalizations, making it difficult for her to maintain her studies.  Saks also details her frequent attempts to discontinue her medication, which would ultimately result in her having delusions and hallucinations; these were not only mentally exhausting and difficult, but sometimes threatened her physical safety as well.  The author illustrates this point quite clearly, depicting an episode in which she climbed out on a roof while at Yale Law School, much to the surprise and concern of her fellow students and professor.

Saks also describes her efforts to ‘protect’ her family, and parents in particular, by not sharing what was happening to her.  She attempted to shield them from the symptoms of her illness, even the fact of her hospitalizations, in order to avoid being a burden.  At some point, of course, she was unable to hide how serious her disorder had become, and once her parents became aware, they were fully supportive of her efforts to achieve recovery.

At any point in her journey, it would have been easier for Saks to abandon her goals.  Some might say that this would have been the safer or more reasonable course. However, Saks persevered, and was ultimately able to find a combination of medication and therapy that allowed her to achieve stability, fully pursue her career goals, and develop a rich life with a partner, family, and friends.

I believe there is much to take from Saks’ story.  To start, I think women often feel that we can and should handle everything on our own, and so we avoid asking for help from those around us until our circumstances have become dire. As I stated above, Saks delayed discussing her illness with her family as long as possible, despite being reasonably assured that they would make every effort to help her (which they did once they knew).  Besides the affection and joy we receive from our family and friends, they can also be our greatest asset in managing the issues we face each day.  These persons are our support network, and we should allow them to help us.

I also believe Saks’ story is a powerful rejoinder to the idea of limiting ourselves and others who struggle with mental health issues.  Many mental health diagnoses, including Schizophrenia, have a powerful stigma attached to them, and, as a society, we often regard persons with these illnesses as incapable of achieving anything noteworthy. Saks demonstrates how important it is that we expand our view of what persons with mental health disorders can accomplish.

And, of course, this lesson applies not only to those with a mental health disorder, but to all of us who struggle with self-limiting mindsets and behaviors. In my work with clients, one of the key goals is often making a space for what is possible.  Not probable, or likely, but possible.  We can easily become overwhelmed with our present circumstances to the point that we fail to see or even look for an opening.  We know only in part, but have misled ourselves into believing we see the whole.

Elyn Saks’ story, then, is a powerful reminder to open ourselves to the whole. To find the possible amid all the improbables and unlikelys. To get a hand from family and friends, even from professionals when needed, for a fuller, more meaningful, and more complete life.

Should we still be friends? Deciding to cut ties with an ex

Should you and your ex still be friends?

Should we still be friends? Deciding to cut ties with an exWe have all experienced it…that heart wrenching break up. You always see in the movies girls eating chocolates and crying for weeks to overcome the loss and pain. What the movies don’t show you is what happens when you try to forget your ex, but you just can’t. Sometimes letting go of an ex, a crush, or a past love is the hardest thing to do.


Unfortunately, what tends to happen after a relationship ends is the lingering emotional attachment to that person.  Many people remain friends with their significant other, still have strong feelings with that person, or even have a desire to reconnect and get back together. While this is not uncommon to have these feelings, sometimes it is more important to realize whether or not this thought process is helping or hurting your relationship with yourself.  Sometimes it is necessary to sever ties.


When determining if cutting ties is a smart decision or not, I like to ask myself a few basic questions.

How do I feel after seeing him?

Do I still have romantic feelings for him?

Do I like our friendship now or am I just putting up with it?

Why do I still want this person in my life?


Should we still be friends? Deciding to cut ties with an ex

These questions can apply to anyone who has their ex as a friend in their lives or if they aren’t in their lives but the thought of their ex consumes them.

If any of these questions leave you feeling upset or uneasy about your ex, then maybe it is time to cut ties for good.

If you have decided to sever ties with your ex, here are some tips to help you succeed!


  • Being confident with your decision to cut ties is a must. You need to be committed to separating from your ex significant other in order to better your life and stick to the plan you have decided works best for you.


  • Communication with your ex needs to be limited or possibly eliminated in order to help you move on and refrain from constantly thinking about them. Seeing even a text from this person can spark up all sorts of negative emotions and feelings. So try your best to stay away and know that it will pay off in the end


  • Having a friend to confide in can help you remain determined and in the right state of mind. Trust me…trying to forget about someone can be tough, but, the input of a friend can offer you a unique perspective that can keep you set on your goal.


  • Know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Of course it takes a great deal of time and effort to forget someone you care about. However, through all of the struggle there is a better and happier life waiting for you once you fight through this period of your life.


If you know of someone who’s life can be improved by severing ties with their ex, then share this! Do you have any other tips that you think can help forget about a significant other? Comment below!

opening the door to love

Opening the door to love

Emotions are a fleeting part of our existence, they ebb and flow like waves- some taking us higher than we could imagine and others bringing us to depths we aren’t sure we can survive.  But as the eloquent Alice Walker says, we have to learn not to worry about the coming and going.  So often in our lives, we cling desperately to the predominant emotion and fight to hold on to it when what need most is to open ourselves to the next moment.


When was the last time that you thought,” if only I could bottle this moment and hold on to it forever”  or “I’ll never allow myself to be hurt like that again”?


Both in moments of joy and connection and in moments of frustration or sadness, our goal should be to experience, appreciate, and in time… let go.  Life is a series of moments and in order to truly enjoy and experience them we must strive to let go of the past and honor the next moments arrival every day.


Unfortunately human nature doesn’t push us in that direction.  Rather we get stuck trying to hold on to what feels good and protect ourselves from what hurts.  It’s a smart survival strategy but one that gets in the way of real love and connection.


Our fear of being hurt keeps us closed off to the next opportunity for love.  For singles and couples, the fear of being vulnerable is one of the greatest obstacles to finding the love you crave. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  You can open your heart and I have some tips to help…
Acknowledge your relationship fears.

Do you worry that your partner will lose interest in you? Are you scared that your history of bad choices means that you can’t have a good relationship?  Are you afraid that your partner won’t be attracted to you if they knew the “real” you?  Whatever fears you uncover, own them as part of your story and you can begin to take control of your responses instead of letting those fears control you.


Find the meaning.

Your fears aren’t shortcomings or things to fix; they are important insights about your emotional needs and vulnerabilities.  Listen carefully to what fear tells you about what you need most in a relationship.  They will also push you to figure out why this relationship is worth the effort of facing your fears.  Maybe you want a deeper level of intimacy, maybe you want to communicate better or repair trust; whatever the reasons are it’s important to tie your decision to embrace fear to a meaningful end goal with a partner who is equally committed to doing the same thing.


Be courageous.

Courage isn’t about conquering fear or pretending it doesn’t exist.  Courage is acting in the face of our fears. Accept that telling your partner about a failure at work is scary or that having sex with the lights on when he can see those extra 15lbs will bring up some apprehension… and then decide to do it anyway.  If you’re dating someone new and worried about how they’ll judge your Scandal obsession or quirky habits, share those things anyway.  Remember that when you hide who you are you eliminate the possibility of that person getting to love the real you.


Shine a light on your fear. 

Share your fears and your commitment to doing it anyway with your partner or a friend.  When you say, “Talking to you about my mistakes at work is scary but I know that I really need your support if we are going to stay connected,” you give your partner an opportunity to connect with you on a deeper level by offering their support and reassurance.  And if you’re dating, a friend or other support person can help remind you when you feel discouraged or overwhelmed that you have committed to being vulnerable in order to find a meaningful connection.


Create a safety net. 

When you begin to embrace fear you need to plan for disappointment and hurt feelings.  The more we open ourselves up to peoples, the more opportunity there is for them to accidentally let us down.  When this happens, most of us seek refuge in some kind of self-protection.  We lash out in anger, we get mean and sarcastic, or retreat into silence and disconnection.  A safety net is a plan with your partner on how to avoid these self-protective measures and instead stay courageous and rely on each other.  Maybe it’s letter writing or a code word to let each other know you’ve been hurt.  My favorite safety net is a simple hug- it’s easy and powerful in changing the energy of a conversation without having to find the “right” words.

And if you’re single, you can still create a safety net when dates disappoint.  Build your social support so that you have a friend, family member, or even dating coach who can be there to hear your pain, offer comfort, and most of all offer encouragement to keep your heart open.


Bring Your Bestie Contest!

Conversations off the Couch is holding a ‘Bring Your Bestie’ contest for Dating Dilemmas! The winner will receive a free ticket for themselves and a 30% off ticket for a friend they would like to bring to the event!

To enter, visit our Conversations off the Couch Facebook page!

Dating Dilemmas

Join GTA and online dating coach Erika Ettin on February 26th for our first Conversations off the Couch event, Dating Dilemmas!


Dating can be frustrating. When looking for a committed relationship, it can be tough to put yourself out there and find a partner.

We ask ourselves—is it us?

Is it them?

Why can’t I find someone I actually like, let alone love?

Dating Dilemmas gives you the opportunity to speak with dating and relationship experts regarding what works and what doesn’t work in the search for partnership and marriage.

Whether you are single, divorced, or dating someone and wondering if it is going anywhere—it helps to have a little navigation in the dating maze.

Join us for an amazing dinner at Mon Ami Gabi in Reston and share your dating dilemmas with professionals who have helped clients to date smarter.

Topics to be discussed include:

Digital Dating.  Finding a partner online can be exhausting, but it can also be an effective way to put yourself out there.  Discuss how to separate the wheat from the chaff in screening potential dates.

Relationship Purgatory.  Dating someone for awhile and not sure if there’s a future?  Find out if it’s worth your time.

Dating After Divorce.  It can be hard to re-enter the dating scene after dealing with divorce.  If its been years (or even decades!) since you’ve been single, get suggestions on how to date in the present day, and maybe even have fun. : )

And more!  We will be taking suggestions from participants regarding topics that matter most.


Visit the Conversations off the Couch page for more information and join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter!

Do You Feel Pressure From Your New Relationship?

Do you feel pressure from your new relationship?

Sweet smiles. Cute texts. Small gestures. These are the things that make a new relationship so exciting. You have finally established that you both have feelings for each other and have taken that step of making it an official relationship. This is an exhilarating time because you are still trying to woo each other, but there is no stress of wondering whether feelings are mutual or if you are just making a fool of yourself. You are together and you are happy!


Although things are in the honeymoon stage and you are most likely in a state of bliss, new relationships can also bring a little pressure. I am two months into my new relationship, but the first month brought Christmas, New Year’s, and his birthday along with it. The beginning of a relationship is when you are discovering each other and finding out the little things that make up this person that you are so infatuated with. Having Christmas and his birthday come at me right at the get-go definitely gave me anxiety because gift-giving is already difficult in itself. Adding on the pressure of wanting to give my boyfriend something meaningful but not wanting to go overboard and not being completely sure as to what he would want really packed on the pressure!


In situations like this, it is good that you would want to impress your new significant other, but it is also important to remember that you are what attracted them in the first place, not what you buy for them. It may sound cliche, but they will truly like anything you give them because the thought really does count!


Another way that new relationships can bring stress is letting your true colors show. In the “talking” stage, there is a level of intimacy where you let the other person in as you get to know each other, but there is still that level of mysteriousness that makes them want to know more. Once you define yourselves as a couple, the walls start to come down, and you may get nervous that your partner may not like what they see. When this happens, you should take the time to remember that you both decided to take the step into being in a relationship. That requires a certain level of dedication to a person, as well as a level of trust. Starting a relationship by trying to hide yourself because you are afraid that the other person may think you are crazy is not a good way to start out. You need to be able to trust in the feelings that your significant other has for you.


Having said all of that, soak in every second of your new relationship! It is an exciting and happy time! You never know what relationships can lead to, but it is important to enjoy it and make the most of it!

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