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Do you pursue peace? {Tuesday Topics}

TuesdayTopics 3Do you pursue peace?

Here’s something that will blow your mind…peace doesn’t just come to us, we have to find it.

It’s easy to believe that one day we will have it all together and then we can have peace. But, peace is actually something we can have in the midst of total chaos. Peace is something that has to be cultivated, having peace is a decision we make. So, when your nerves are frazzled, take some time to pull back and brew yourself some peppermint tea or take some time to reflect on the positives of the day. The key here is to know that your heart can be stilled. What brings you peace?

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What have you done for others lately? {Tuesday Topics}

TuesdayTopics (4)There is a great joy that comes from giving to others. It really can’t be described, but I’m sure you’ve experienced it. It’s so easy to be focused on the needs of ourselves or family members that we forget about other people in our not so immediate sphere of influence. It’s great to have our needs and the needs of those close to us met but, what is even greater is offering ourselves to meet the needs of people we don’t really know…talk about an instant endorphin high! So question for you…what have you done for an acquaintance or even a stranger that has brightened his or her day?

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Are you ready for a new season? {Tuesday Topics}

TuesdayTopics (5)Summer is now coming to a close and Fall will soon begin. As we expect this new season to usher in, we can also expect a new season to enter in our own lives. What are you expecting? Are you looking forward to new wonderful opportunities to enjoy your family and friends? Are you expecting more joy, peace, and fulfillment? There is great power in our expectation and it is amazing the weight that our thoughts and words carry. So, may I encourage you to expect big this fall? May your expectation be that this season will be one of your best yet.


Get A Work Out While Giving Back {Pink Boa 5K}

Exercise is a huge part of a person’s physical, mental and emotional health, but it’s not always easy to get motivated to exercise. What if I were to tell you that there is a way to exercise and take care of yourself and others are the same time? Charity 5K Run/Walks take place throughout the year all over the country and in Washington, D.C. area.


The great part of these events is that you are getting a work out while also giving back.  Both exercise and helping charities are good for your mind, body and soul. Having a goal to help out a charity or good cause can also help you stick to your fitness goals, and fuel your fire to run your heart out for that cause.


Here at Group Therapy Associates, we are extremely excited about our partnership with the Tigerlily Foundation, an organization that supports young women before, during and after breast cancer. We have created a team for the Tigerlily Foundation’s Pink Boa 5K to support their efforts. The 5K will take place Sunday, September 14 from 8-12 p.m. at Fairfax Corner.


Join our Group Therapy Associates team for the Pink Boa 5K and help raise awareness for the Tigerlily Foundation and its mission to support young women with breast cancer, or donate to help out in that way. Visit tigerlilyfoundation.org for more information about the 5K, and our 5K team page to join Team GTA.

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Do you know the power of gratitude? {Tuesday Topics}

TuesdayTopics (1)What are you grateful for?

When was the last time you made time to think about all that you are grateful for?

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it seems counter-cultural to think about all the blessings we already have rather than all of the things that we need. It’s easy to feel perpetually behind schedule and generally behind in life. Though we may not be able to change our circumstance we are able to change the way we view our circumstances and how we see ourselves. The transformation begins with thoughts of gratitude.

So, I challenge you today, before you go to bed instead of rehearsing all of the things you didn’t accomplish, think about all the things you did. Instead of focusing on what when wrong during your day, think about what when right and then… be grateful.

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What are your favorite budget friendly summertime activities? {Tuesday Topics}

Can you believe it’s already August?!

With just one month left to summer I can’t help but think about all my warm weather favorites.

In my opinion, summertime freebies and budget friendly finds are the absolute best. I love good summertime adventures that leave both me and my wallet feeling happy.  They’re perfect for some me-time, a family fun day, or even a romantic date!  Here are a few of my favorites…


I love a good museum and I love them most during the summertime when I’m out and about.

Museums are great for spontaneous visits and don’t require tons of time. When the heat index is crazy out, I welcome the opportunity to duck into a well air-conditioned building and do a little learning.

Pretty much any of the Smithsonians are my go-tos. To find museums near you click here.


Though I have not been able to visit a park yet this summer, trips to the park are a must during the summertime.

Whether it be a lazy weekend picnic or movie under the stars, parks make for relaxing low key get aways. Who doesn’t love a good picnic? To find your perfect picnic recipe check out this site.

Farmer’s Markets

Nothing reminds me more of summertime, than a good farmer’s market.

While finding some of the freshest produce around, you can also support local vendors.

If grocery shopping isn’t your thing, treat yourself by picking out a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

You’d be surprised how much a few flowers may brighten your day.

So, what are your favorite budget friendly summertime activities?

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