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Thankfully, discussion and awareness about mental health and wellness is becoming more widespread in the United States today. Of course, private psychotherapy  is only one way to receive counseling and mental health treatment, and unfortunately, this service may not be an option for some individuals. At Group Therapy Associates, we […]

Help Yourself: 2018 Guide of Mental Health Resources

Coping with loss and grief
Throughout the course of our lives, we will inevitably experience loss, and naturally, grief is a part of the process. Both loss and grief are not only predictable, but likely to occur repeatedly throughout the course of the lives of all individuals. The loss of a significant person will forever […]

Coping With Loss and Grief

3 Ways to Stay Empowered While Dating
In an ideal world, dating would be straight-forward, and you’d take on the rest of your life with the one you love by your side. However, it’s 2017 and some people are as faithful as their options. With partners now just a swipe away, it’s easy to find yourself in […]

3 Ways to Stay Empowered While Dating

anxiety relief by accepting worried feelings and thoughts 4
  This post comes to us from therapist and best-selling author, Jodi Aman! Read more about her work below.   Living in fear is a painful, lonely way to exist. People say our suffering is a choice. They are smart people, but this doesn’t feel right to the little girl inside […]

Is Anxiety a Choice?

Wounded Families: There is a Better Way to Divorce
Guest Post by Rona Hitlin-Mason, LPC   The Washington Post had an article about Prince Harry’s trip to the US to promote the Invictus Games for wounded warriors. The article noted that when the Prince returned from Afghanistan with wounded soldiers he dedicated himself to helping them “lead healthy and […]

Wounded Families – There Is a Better Way to Divorce

Start by Loving Yourself
  This post was was written by GTA partner and owner of A Little Nudge, Erika Ettin! You can get more great info and find out how to work with Erika here.   We hear this expression all the time: Love yourself before you can love someone else.  What does […]

Love Yourself Before You Can Love Someone Else

A Text that saves lives 1
Guest post by Whitney Weeden   My name is Whitney Weeden, and I am so honored to be sharing part of my story with you today. I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2013 where I studied Public Relations and Psychology without much understanding of what that meant for my future. […]

A Text that Saves Lives

Post by guest blogger Jane Yamaykin I can understand why some people are terrified by first dates. So many steps go into just getting the date in the first place – meeting someone, at least minimally chatting with them to initially vet them, the asking out, choosing a venue… it’s […]

The First Date Rollercoaster

Dating on Consignment
Guest post by Jane Yamaykin   A while ago, I found an amazing form fitting dress at a small consignment shop for just $5! Only $5 for a satin, peacock blue, designer dress that hugs my body as though it were tailor made for me. And yet, finding it there […]

Dating on Consignment

The mind, body and spirit – the trinity of the our well-being is one that can be hard to maintain especially in the rush of holidays, stressful assignments and many other commitments that come with the hustle and bustle of the school year. Whether you are a student, parent of […]

8 tips and tricks for a stress-free school year

Water your side of the grass We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘”the grass is greener on the other side’”, but what does this exactly mean? How do change the way others influence the way we feel about our own lives? At one point in my life I was very much […]

Water your side of the grass

Reunions June 1, 2015 marks the third time that I lived in the same area Virginia. I often associate my recurrences to my home state to the example of coming back to your hometown for a high school reunion. Prior to my most recent move back to Virginia, I lived […]

Remember when we were best friends?