Are you ready to actually enjoy your family this Thanksgiving??

Whether you are heading out of town to visit family or they are coming to you, holiday dinners can be both fun and frustrating.   So before you head out for Thanksgiving dinner this year I want to you to read Lisa Kift’s tips on learning to soothe yourself in the face of emotional overload.

Her article gives you a simple recipe for reducing cortisol (stress hormone) and increasing oxytocin (the ‘bonding’ hormone)- you might remember these from some vintage {ok…it’s super old} posts I wrote about the power of the 20-second body hug.

Don’t let annoying Uncle Fred or cousin Suzy’s whining triplets get the best of you…. sneak away for a few moments and try Lisa’s self-soothing tips.  In 30 seconds you’ll be smiling and ready to face  your family  and all their quirks.

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Marriage & Family Therapist | CEO | Author at Group Therapy Associates

It's true, it's fun and frustrating rolled into one! But at the end of day, being with the family is what matters most.

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