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14-Day Couples Challenge... because real love is sexy!


Real romantic love is rarely found in the grand gestures but rather tucked away in the small, meaningful acts that come with deep emotional connection.  It’s showing up when someone needs you- even when you’re angry or busy.

This FREE challenge will help you break some bad habits and build new weekly practices that keep you connected, communicating, and push you to create even deeper intimacy- all in simple, doable daily challenges.

Enter your information below and start improving your love life today!


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They Never Told Us Not to Love Them

In grad school, our professors told us not to sleep with them, and not to accept gifts, and not to let them fix our cars or code our websites. Our professors told us not to ...
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Help Yourself: 2018 Guide of Mental Health Resources

Thankfully, discussion and awareness about mental health and wellness is becoming more widespread in the United States today. Of course, private psychotherapy  is only one way to receive counseling and mental health treatment, and unfortunately, ...
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Coping with loss and grief

Coping With Loss and Grief

Throughout the course of our lives, we will inevitably experience loss, and naturally, grief is a part of the process. Both loss and grief are not only predictable, but likely to occur repeatedly throughout the ...
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The Problem with Emotional Memory

I rarely take the stance that emotions are something to be side-stepped or disregarded.   Most of the time, I write about how we need to acknowledge and accept our emotional reality, and how we can’t ...
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