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14-Day Couples Challenge... because real love is sexy!


Real romantic love is rarely found in the grand gestures but rather tucked away in the small, meaningful acts that come with deep emotional connection.  It’s showing up when someone needs you- even when you’re angry or busy.

This FREE challenge will help you break some bad habits and build new weekly practices that keep you connected, communicating, and push you to create even deeper intimacy- all in simple, doable daily challenges.

Enter your information below and start improving your love life today!


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The Relationship Bank Account

The Relationship Bank Account

Hi! My name is Maria Perozzi, LMFT. I’m one of the new therapists here at Group Therapy Associates. I’m quite excited to be writing my first article for GTA. For those who already work with ...
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Fight Night: Creating a Healthy Space for Conflict

Fight Night: Creating a Healthy Space for Conflict

The oft-repeated advice “never go to bed angry,” gets under my skin.  The idea that a conflict with your spouse should be wrapped up all tidy and neat with a bow by the end of ...
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what makes a good marriage?

What makes a good marriage?

In the last newsletter, I talked about how one of the commonly asked questions in couples therapy was whether partners should stay or get married.  Given that any relationship, healthy or otherwise, is going to ...
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Life's Questions Answered the Quick and Dirty Way

Life’s Questions Answered, the Quick and Dirty Way

Below, I discus some of life’s questions that regularly make an appearance in the therapy room.  In my office, finding the answers to these questions can involve steady, patient exploration and thoughtfulness.  But this is ...
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