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Language Matters

Language Matters: Avoiding Negative Self-talk

Many of us are given to having a stream of negative self-talk in our minds; questioning our abilities, disparaging our character, doubting the success of our future, and more. And sure, sometimes we do this ...
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Four Key Skills To Use When Solving Problems

Four Key Skills To Use When Solving Problems With Your Partner

I’ve been thinking about the importance of language in relationships. Because, as both a therapist, and a writer, this is sort of thing that I contemplate on my commute home from work. But I’ve been ...
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I'm Anxious But Im Yours

I’m Anxious, But I’m Yours

  Lately, I have seen several articles about what to do for a loved one who is struggling with anxiety and other mental health disorders. Obviously, the emergence of these articles is a great thing, as ...
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Alien Adolescent

Who Are You and What Have You Done with My Kid?

  Parenting an adolescent is hard. Sometimes parents find themselves wondering if it an alien has replaced their once sweet kid with a moody, irritable impostor.  It’s debatable as to whether being an adolescent or parenting ...
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Maybe Social Media Isn't the Problem

It’s Not Facebook, It’s Us

  One of the complaints we hear frequently about social media is that seeing the edited versions of other people’s lives negatively impacts our view of our own lives. People we follow online choose which parts ...
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Grace Not Forgiveness

Grace, Not Forgiveness

  For some time now, I have been turning over the question of forgiveness, and in particular, what it means to forgive your partner within marriage.  Forgiveness is often touted as the answer to making a ...
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