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Your Brain is Rigged

Many of us have been there. Seemingly stuck in a relationship that is decidedly unhealthy, carried along on a roller coaster of emotions, and finding ourselves having great difficulty walking away. Some of you may ...
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Give Up With Grace

Giving Up with Grace

One of the most important skills I’ve learned as a therapist is how to give up. I know, that sounds discouraging, but stick with me here. It turns out giving up successfully can be an ...
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how not to be the wicked stepparent

How Not To Be the Wicked Stepparent

Recently, I finished Helen Oyeyemi’s book Boy, Snow, Bird, which, among other important themes, updates the fairy tales to show how a woman with no prior ill intent can find herself in the role of ...
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The singular best parenting advice i know

The singular best parenting advice I know

In parenting, it can be difficult to figure out what to do when your child behaves in ways that you don’t like, or can’t seem to accomplish what you’ve asked of them. Difficult is one ...
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relationship warning signs

3 Behaviors that Scare Your Couples Therapist

It may surprise you to hear that infidelity is not necessarily the issue that worries couple therapists the most. In fact, while I recognize the emotional devastation and pain that infidelity causes, unless there is ...
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How to Help Someone You Love

How to Help Someone You Love

In the newsletter last week, we discussed how to take care of yourself when you’re going through a hard time. This week, we talk about how to support someone else who’s struggling with something difficult ...
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