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Concierge Counseling

Have you been contemplating therapy but wondering how to fit it into your busy schedule?

Want the security of having an expert on call for those moments when life gets challenging?

Concierge counseling offer clients the ability to have therapy sessions in their home or office, have a therapist on-call via email and phone for between-session consultations, and more.

Monthly retainer packages are now available for clients who are looking for a new way to fit therapy into their busy lifestyle. Contact us to learn more.

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Counselingcounseling ~ Our compassionate therapists provide a warm, calming place where you can sit back, relax and share what’s on your mind.

{counseling is available in our Haymarket, VA office, 35 miles west of DC}



Coachingcoaching ~ Reach your goals on your terms with our creative, fully customizable relationship coaching plans.

{relationship coaching is available by phone,Skype, & in-person}



Classesclasses ~ Learn the skills to master life and relationships. In-Person or online, our classes give you the tools to be a happier, healthier you!

{classes are available online and in our Haymarket, VA office, 30 miles west of DC}


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Confessions of a Type A personality: what to expect when you encounter one

The first time I recognized that I had a Type A personality was when I read a Huffington Post article called “16 Signs You're A Little (Or A Lot) Type A” and realized that fifteen ...
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Can you name your top strengths?

Can you name your top strengths?

We often spend a lot of time on criticizing parts of ourselves that we wish to change, alter, or correct. Our concept of self-esteem can only be established after serious self-reflection. Our shortcomings can be ...
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Are You Living Your Life on Purpose?

A month or so ago, I read a great essay discussing how no one knows what to expect from dating anymore.  Essentially, we have become so de-structured when it comes to dating that we have ...
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Laughter truly is the best medicine

Laughter truly is the best medicine

I really love reading, especially fiction. There’s something so therapeutic about taking a break from your reality and being transported into a story. However, recently I have become very fond of reading non-fiction, particularly autobiographies ...
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Unconditional Forgiveness: A Gift for Yourself and Others

This is a guest post from writer Melissa Davis. The luckiest people in the world are those who know how to forgive. To let go of the negativity and hurt that others have caused us, is ...
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Selfies as Self-Care

With the launch of Kim Kardashian’s new book, Selfish, this month selfies and selfie-culture is on everyone’s mind.  Or at least it’s been on my mind.  I should confess that I’ve always been fond of ...
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